Es gibt ... zum Glück, wieder mehr Leute, die gerne eine CD in den Händen halten, und einfach dann in den CD-Player einlegen möchten.


Songs For Travelling :

This is my first official Album with the Label Kissing Sounds. Recorded with 24 Bits. The 24 Bit Version can be downloaded on Bandcamp.
The pressed CD Digipack-Version is also available here ....
I've chosen some Songs from 2014 and combined them with a newer Song from 2016 and two brandnew Tracks. I've heared them often while travelling by train .... and they fit perfectly for having a soundtrack while crusing throug the landscapes.


Colorful Thoughts :

Here is the new Album of Kellerkind Berlin "Colorful Thoughts". This time with a special Guest : Martin Neuhold, who spends some important i-points and a great body in "Electric Blue".
On this Album i'm leaving the path of Berlin School, taking a look out of my basementwindow.
And i won't forget ... a warm thank you to Martin

... by the way .... this album is also available as CD !
... and perhaps you want to try 24 bits on Bandcamp


Spinning Around Bits And Bytes :

This is another example of my music with electronic support.
Since the electronic support failed, it became very difficult to finish this album. This right in the middle of mastering this album. I had to restore the whole system. But now, after reinstalling all of the components and instruments, it is ready.
I'm very happy to present this album at last

I hope you will enjoy my new tunes ...